Mar 21, 2012

TheBlogDare: Mar19, Mar20

Mar19: ....and that's why it was a little creepy.
The second house that we lived in when we lived in New Jersey was at 3952B West Scott Street.
It was immediately that I disliked the attic in there, which was accessible through the 'toy room' closet. It was big enough to maybe be a small room, but the thickness in the air up there definitely would deter anyone from wanting to use it as such. As a matter of fact, I've blogged about this before here!
Even now, in our new residence, there is the feeling of something/someone here...*shrug*

Mar20: I am strong because my Father gave me the strength and motivation to be.
The Daddy's Girl that I am is mainly because He has been my hero since the time I could retain my first memory. He has instilled in me the confidence and belief that I can do, be, and achieve ANYTHING I put my mind to.
I am strong because Mister believes in and loves me. When I doubt myself and feel like I can't do something or will never amount to the best that I want to be, He tells and convinces me that before I even thought to do it I was already the best at it.
I am strong because my Daughters love me. They give me the deepest unconditional love that proves I am a good mother and an awesome friend.
I am strong because I've taken my life lessons as just that: lessons. Through the many, MANY heartaches, disappointments, and self-esteem issues, I took every bad and good moment and realized that they happened for a reason.
I am strong because I have GREAT friends. The ones I call REAL friends. I have learned to love my real friends the way I love my own family. I used to be to myself and insist that friends, especially female friends, were people I didn't need in my life. I've come to realize that without my friends, I am missing a great part of life. They have taught to me love and care and put down my guard and to have fun without inhibitions.
I am strong because I AM SHONTAE! There is no one like me. I am awesome! I may be a little crazy, a little too sensitive and a little cold-hearted, a little up one second and a little down the next. A little annoying, a little fun, a little funny, a little confused, a little quirky, a little weird, a little scary, a little vulnerable, a little "gangsta", a little prissy. A little complex, and very simple. But all of these things make me who I am. And I love me. I love being me. And I love those who love me.
And this all makes me strong.

"I am woman....hear me roar!" lol

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