Mar 18, 2012

TheBlogDare: Mar17, Mar18

*Catching up while I take a small break between doing my daughters' hair*

Mar17: How adults should celebrate their birthdays.
For me, would be to start it with my children during the day. Maybe breakfast in bed or at a restaurant, followed by a matinee at the theater. I would let them shower me with all the affection they felt they needed to and enjoy every bit of it.
THEN, later that evening, they would be kept by a babysitter and I would get a room at a nice hotel. My overnight bag would be nothing but a few bottles of my favorite wine, my toothbrush, and a change of clothes. After checking in, I would strip down and jump into the whirlpool tub and stay there for hours. Later, lay under the thick blankets on the bed with the air conditioner set to 67 and watch TV or read, glass in hand, until I fell asleep.
When I was younger, birthdays were the time to party so hard, I'd forget what happened when I woke up the next day. Now, peace and quiet is mandatory when I can get it lol

Mar18: If I was snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods...

I would probably be going crazy. lol 
First of all, I watch too many horror movies to know that going anywhere DEEP IN THE WOODS especially at a time when the weather could be bad is never a good idea. So for me to even be there in the first place would signal my loss of sanity. The picture above looks like it fits into a movie lol
I'm sure being in a cabin with the fireplace going to keep warm while the snow falls outside and blankets the earth is probably something that could be romantic and beautiful. The smell of the fire logs burning, hot cocoa in a large mug, music playing in the back all sounds like something out of a book or movie......until I remember the movie where the whole cast is murdered by a man who had been living in the woods for years and waited for people to rent the cabin so that he could continue his killing spree! lol My imagination would get the best of me in a situation like this and I'd go crazy in that cabin.
The end. lol

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