Aug 28, 2011

Sunday Randomness

Boredom is the word for the day.
As I sit here, "watching" "The Blair Witch Project" for the thousandth time, I am resisting the urge to scream at the top of my lungs. I AM BORED! I'm so bored I'm actually looking forward to doing laundry today. *smh* Yeah, it's that bad. (lol)
After the hurricane has passed, today is sweltering hot. And we all know I don't like HOT. Mister has taken the Mini Trio out for ice cream. My parents are asleep in their bedroom and my uncle is in his room on the computer. So that leaves me all alone in the living room listening to Mike scream for Josh to tell him where his is in the darkness of the woods.
Four more days though until we'll be in our own house. Hopefully the military will have sent our stuff down from New Jersey by then. I want to try to be completely unpacked and moved in by the middle of next week.
I also have to take my driver's test since mine has expired. So one of these days I'll have to suffer through the long wait at the DMV.

Did I mention I've gained five pounds since I've been here. Definitely gonna have to get into the swing of a workout routine because I just can't see going another year with this weight on me. UGH!
OH! I forgot to post photos of my girls when they had gone to Capri Beauty Salon to get their hair done the day before school. Usually, I'd have done it myself and saved that $100 but all of my hair supplies are in storage in New Jersey. They didn't seem to mind though. They loved the four hours spent getting their hair done. Peanut got a relaxer and Monkey got one of those blowouts. I don't want to relax her hair...she doesn't really need it. Sometimes heat is all that needed to make her hair manageable. All they need now is to have their ends trimmed, which I will do once I have my shears back in my possession. I would have had Rabbit get her hair done but she's so tender-headed she wouldn't have made it past taking her braids out.  Today is Sunday, so I'll be doing her hair. Here are Peanut & Monkey fresh out of the salon:

Oh! I had to share this. Someone posted it on Facebook and I could only read it with my mouth wide open. We have got to do better! lmao

"Cause the dash don't be silent!" *smh* Really?!!?.....I can't! lol

Now to decide what to have for dinner......
Happy Sunday, everyone!


TheProDiva said...

Ledasha? You can't be serious! I literally laughed out loud at that foolishness! As for you being bored....I feel you! I have been cooped up in my house since Friday on account of this Hurricane, and I am ready to blow this joint! The girls look beautiful by the way!

ShontaeB said...

Ledasha's mom should be forced to go back to school! We have got to do better lol. I hope your area wasn't affected too bad by the hurricane.
Thank you. The girls are LOVING the break from braids and cornrows for a while...I'll give it another week and they'll need the protective styles back.

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