Jun 2, 2011

Thanks To Comment Hour

     My memory is good for nothing lately. *smh* I recently joined The SitsGirls and have been trying to remind myself of the weekly Comment Hour on Twitter. I've missed every single one since becoming a member. Like, really, Tae? lol
But tonight, thanks to TweetCaster finally updating on my phone (although late), I was able to catch the tail end of Comment Hour. And guess what? My blog was listed. Who feels unworthy? lol I do!
     So, here I am going through all of the blogs listed tonight and Oh My Goodness! There are so many bloggers, women bloggers at that, who have the most interesting blogs I've read in a long while. I love the ones that are committed to a single topic, like marriage or scrap booking or weight loss or cooking. I wish my mind was focused enough and had enough stored away to have a blog dedicated to just one thing. My mind is constantly wondering off to everything else even when I'm blogging. Like, right now, somehow my mind has drifted off to nail polish.     
     Maybe because as I'm typing, I tend to glance down at my half polished fingernails. *smh*
     Anyway, I started this post to say thanks to comment hour and the many blogs I've read and subscribed to tonight because I've come across a few ideas that I am going to do in this blog. I love this because there are days when I am completely clueless as to what to blog about and I hate to log on just to write only a paragraph.
     Is that copycatting? lol I mean, I know with as many people as there are who blog about everything there is to write about is it considered "blog-agerism" if I take an idea from another blog to use on mine? Even though the ideas that I want to do are actually responses to other blogs because the writer encourages other bloggers to do what they've posted on their blog?  
     I think one of my favorite things in the world is lists. I love making lists in my head. And this makes me wonder why I've never thought of more things to list in my blog. But thanks to these bloggers, I have a few ideas of lists I want to do. May not be the same as theirs but they inspire me to think of lists to do. Hopefully, this will get me to blogging every day....or maybe every other day.
     My first list is inspired by Creative Pathways for her 1000 things that make me happy! I will most definitely be doing that list! While I was reading her post about her start of 1000 things, I thought to myself  "there is no way I'll be able to come up with 1000 things!" I like alot of things and love even more but a thousand?!?! Wow. I look forward to seeing how the list comes along.
     Well, here it is almost 1am, and I have to get up in 4.5 hours. Let me try to go to sleep. It doesn't come easy anymore. *sigh*
*wave* G'nite!


ManWifeDog said...

So glad you could finally join us. Visiting with SITSgirl #commenthour love. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Amy Anderson said...

CommentHour is always so fun...especially when you're featured! Glad I discovered your blog.

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Vicki said...

New follower via #commenthour ... I also love the 1000 things that make me happy idea ... I think that as someone who is often a 'debbie-downer' it will be VERY good for me to do one of my own ...

-Vicki http://myvickiliciouslife.blogspot.com/

TheProDiva said...

Comment Hour is definitely a great way to meet new bloggers. It has done wonders for me! Hope to see you next Wednesday!

Shontae said...

thank you all for visiting and following! :) Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

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