Jun 5, 2011

1000 Things (11-20)

It's Sunday.
Sunday in my house means I get to sit all day doing my daughters' hair. yay fun.......end sarcasm! lol

Before I get started, here's numbers 11-20 of 1000 Things That Make Me Happy.

11. Chocolate! Even though eating chocolate breaks my skin out something terrible, I always have a chocolate bar or some kind of chocolate around for when I get those cravings. A girl can never have too much chocolate.

12. Music. Thanks to my Father, I love every genre of music. From Rap to Rock n' Roll. In my playlists you'll find everything from some old school Al Green, Pink, Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, Sade, Run DMC, DMX, Gretchen Wilson, to Mahalia Jackson. Music can change an entire mood. "Music soothes the savage beast" is the truest statement I've ever known.

13. The Sims3 I had always heard about the Sims when it first came out, but was never interested in playing it to find out what it was about. Now, it's been 3 years and I am addicted to playing. I started playing Sims2 when I found the game at a video game store. Now, I'm playing Sims3 and it has become a must that I get every expansion pack I can get my hands on. Right now, I'm on a mission to get Generations and maybe Pets. I heart The Sims!

14. Manicures. I've always loved keeping my nails painted when I was younger. You know, before I became a mom and wife, and didn't have my hands in a sink full of dishes or a dishwasher, and the paint would last longer than a few days (lol). Now, as a cosmetologist, I know how to give myself an awesome manicure so every week, you'll find my hands being soaked, filed, moisturized and painted.

15. Pizza. And not just any pizza. But a Supreme Pizza. All the toppings. Even anchovies occassionally. Yes, anchovies. My father put me onto them when I was younger and I love it. Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, ham, onion, black olives, green peppers, garlic sauce, and maybe jalepenos sometimes. *Daggonit, now I'm hungry.*

16. Cold Weather. Never realized until a few years ago that I hate hot weather. The heat. The sweat. The ruined makeup. Not awesome. Bad enough this perimenopause is kicking my butt so my hot flashes are my internal inferno. But to add nature's sweltering hot weather is not my cup of tea. I feel sorry for my family sometimes because all year round, I could keep the thermostat on 68 and be content. I'll look around at my family on the couch bundled in blankets and sweaters wondering why they're shivering (lol). Now, I sacrifice a few degrees and keep the house at about 72-75. Please believe, though, I'll be walking around in shorts and a tshirt to keep cool.

17. My hair. Especially now that I'm a natural! OMGoodness. It is a struggle to keep my hands out of my hair. It's so soft and fluffy. I'm so glad I've decided to stop relaxing my hair.

18. High Heels/Stillettos. Want to see me grin ear to ear? Put a new pair of heels in my sight and tell me they are my size! I have a closet full of heels/stillettos. A guilty pleasure.

19. Madden '10. The tomboy in me loved playing football with the neighborhood boys when I was younger. Now my 32 year old body won't allow me to get that active and risk injury so I play the video game on the PS3..usually against Mister. I'm pretty nice... "for a girl". (lol) Go Giants!

20. Hot Showers. Scalding hot water! Scented body wash! Heaven.

Only 980 to go! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful for boys right now. Doing my hair is enough. We seem to have a lot in common. I too love the Sims but no longer play b/c it can take over my life. Your hair is gorgeous by the way.

Shontae said...

Yeah, having three girls with heads full of hair & knowing how to do hair means they have no excuse to walk around with an undone head. I just wish the three of them weren't so tenderheaded.
Thank you for the compliment. Your hair is beautiful too. :)

Elizabeth said...

a scolding hot shower is the best thing ever! (day dreaming)

Shontae said...

lol @ Elizabeth. Definitely. I just realized I take more showers than baths...*trying to remember the last time I took a bath....*

Moms said...

I get addicted to playing Sims too. So much so that I neglect the kids and don't feed them because I am more worried about my Sims getting to the bathroom. Lol
My daughter is extremely tender headed and I can't do hair so I started taking her to some who twists it and she doesn't cry.

TheProDiva said...

You had me at stilettos! I am also partial to chocolate, hot showers, and pizza! I love the blog design by the way!

Shontae said...

@Moms when I first started I think I played for 6hours straight. Up until 3am. *smh* When my kids were at their grandparents' house last summer, I think I spent a complete 12 hours Simming. I've put a cap on the playtime now lol It's hard though.
@ProDiva I can't think of anyone who couldn't love the four of them. :)

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