Jun 2, 2011

1000 Things That Make Me Happy (1-10)

A blog that I follow, Creative Pathways , has a list of 1000 things that make her happy. She read a book called 14000 Things That Make Me Happy and decided to do her own list. After reading the blog posts she's made dedicated to her list, I wondered if I could think of 1000 things that make me happy. Immediately the number itself seems impossible. But to think of of 1000 things seems even more impossible. So guess what? I've decided to give it a go. If nothing else, it'll make me more appreciative of the little things in my life that I may overlook every day that bring a little bit of joy.
Guess I'll start the first one today and right now. I can't say that I'll add to the list every week, let alone every day. Then when I'm done with this list, I'll try a list of 1000 other things. So, let's go!

1. My daughters' smiles.  "Rabbit", "Peanut", & "Monkey" can light up a room with their beautiful smiles. They are my everything and their happiness is my daily motivation.

2. Sleeping. The times that I do get some good sleep into my schedule are cherished like gold. I love sleeping.

3. Cooking. If you had known me when I was growing up and living with my parents my first few years as an adult, you would think I would be a terrible cook. I can admit my father and brother used to throw down in the kitchen and I was only there to eat it all up. I like to try new recipes and I've become a pretty decent cook these last 12 years of my life.

4.  My Husband's sense of humor. A nut, he is! (lol) There are days when I feel like death two times over and he can walk in and do or say the craziest, funniest thing and I can't help but to crack a smile. I appreciate Him for that. This picture was on his birthday and He felt the need to put on this wig and take a photo. (lol)

5.  A hot cup of green tea in the morning. I don't drink coffee so a coffee cup full of hot green tea in the morning to warm the engine is perfect.

6.  Photography. I never realized how much I like taking pictures until about 3 years ago. Although I don't like to be in front of the camera, there is a soothing joy that comes over me when I'm doing a photo shoot or just randomly taking photos of something beautiful.

7.  Driving. I blame this on my father, who used to let me drive from the stop sign to my house when I was younger. To this day, I can drive a full 500 miles, nonstop. As long as I have gas in the tank and somewhere to go, I'm out!

8.  Traveling. Although this is not something I get to do alot, especially with gas prices (and the prices of everything, just about), I love to travel. Preferably by car or train. I'm not a fan of flying but will when I have/really want to. I one day hope to be able to visit the West Indies, from which my family hails.

9.  My father. Anyone who knows me, or knows of me, knows that I am a Daddy's Girl. Being the only daughter and oldest child, I was first to have the privilege of his love for his children. He is my hero. My inspiration. My heart. I love my Daddy. :)

10. Sangria. Nothing says relax and enjoy like a cold glass of Sangria. Point. Blank. Period. I love it.

I did it! Off to a great, and easy start, it seems. It was fun. Especially looking for photos to illustrate.
I look forward to completing this list! :)


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

I missed comment hour last night so I thought I would stop by! I LOVE THIS LIST!

It is always the small things that matter the most and make me the most happy. Thanks for the reminder!

♥ theMRS.

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Shell said...

What a fun idea! Sangria and sleep always make me happy, too!

LadeeB said...

lol @ Shell. The two seem to go hand in hand on a long day lol
:) thanks for the comment love ladies.

TheProDiva said...

I love the fact that you are highlighting things that make you happy. So often we focus on the bad, and not the good. This post just put me in a great mood! I look forward to 11-20!

2commentaristas said...

Sangria. Ahh, I remember the first time I had that drink... I was a bit skeptical once I heard the ingredients, but once I took a sip, I was sold. I also must agree with you that sleep is GOD. I literally cannot get enough of it, which puts a dent in my productivity at times, haha!

visiting from #commenthour

CourageToDream said...

I am going to start a similar thing on my blog as well..

ShontaeB said...

@courage to dream: Yay! I look forward to reading.

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