Aug 27, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

Here I am. 
Firstly, welcome to my new readers. If you have a blog, please post a link so that I can reciprocate the love.  To my veteran readers, welcome back. Sorry I've been gone for so long...moving is something that I hate doing because it takes too much time and alot of work.
But, I'm back's official: we are now North Carolinians. Residents of the Tar Heel State....again.
The B. Family has made it safely to Fayetteville, North Carolina. We've been here since the seventh of August. Luckily, we a house within the first week, but are not able to move in until the first because the owner insists on making the house 'perfect' before we move in (and I am in no way upset about that lol). We have a three bedroom house, one and a half bathrooms, with a back and front yard. The kids will not be playing out front though because it's a busy street and people seem to forget that it's a neighborhood and has posted speed limits. The garage is huge. It's sure to make a great photo studio for those indoor shoots. Only thing Mister & I aren't too happy about is the master bedroom. It's way smaller than our last bedrooms. So our bed is sure to take up most of the space. But it won't be too crowded to where we can't deal with it. The kids' rooms however are a good size and they'll have plenty space to fit all their things.

The kids are excited because we're living only a few miles from their grandparents' house so they'll be able to see them more than they have these last eight years.
They started school on the twenty-fifth and seem to like it. Because we're not living in our own house yet, we drive them to school every morning. They have to wear uniforms, which is something very new to me, because I didn't have to wear them when I was in school and there was no uniform requirement in their schools in New Jersey. It's turning out to be a good thing least for me, because this is going to cut down on the extra laundry I tend to find on laundry day. (lol) We're still in the process of getting Rabbit into school. There's no K-4 classes in the school so we're trying to get her into Head Start's "More-At-Four" program. I refuse to have her sit around for another year to go to school. She's been so ready to go, and was really disappointed to learn that she couldn't start school the same day her older sisters did. She's awake every morning to see them off to school. I just hope the waiting list isn't too long.

Today, the 27th, Hurricane Irene hit the east coast. Luckily, we weren't affected too much except with heavy winds and some rain. I'm keeping everyone up north in my prayers because it's heading right for all of New Jersey and some of New York and further north. Hopefully, the damage isn't too bad and everyone makes it through well enough.

Other than that, I'm readjusting to this southern heat, and getting used to waking up early again on school days. With the girls starting school in August, it kind of makes me miss the extra weeks of summer in New Jersey. Just a little bit.....


Majid Ali said...

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TheProDiva said...

Congrats on the move to the new city! I pray that your and yours be blessed as you move into your new home next month. I look forward to seeing more on your blog soon!

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