Apr 3, 2012

April BlogDare: April3

I can't believe the month of March is already gone. I didn't even get to finish all the prompts for the March Blog Dare. I kind of knew that I would fall behind, especially with all the different things going on lately. So instead of trying to catch up, I'm starting with today's prompt:

Things I hide around the house so the kids won't find... but I can enjoy.

I tend to hide my sweets and snacks. This includes and is not limited to chocolate, gum, cookies, chips, sunflower seeds, granola bars, and any and all kinds of candy that I like.
Since I've quit smoking, I found that my taste buds are in overdrive so everything tastes soooo much better than it did when I was smoking almost a pack of Newport's a day. After about the first year, I began to notice how much extra seasoning I use on my food, so I've cut down on that when I cook. Water even tastes different.
Along with the absence of cigarettes came the cravings and need for my mouth to stay busy.  I started out with gum. I would KEEP at least  7 packs of gum a week (the big packs) so that I would have a pack a day when I wanted it. Then I found out that sunflower seeds are awesome! I can go through a big bag in half a day. I just regret the hurting all that fiber puts on my stomach by the days' end.
No one wants anything I like until I buy it and put it away to save for later.

It kills my kids to see a bar of chocolate sitting out unopened. "Mommy, when are you going to eat that?" "Can I have it?" So, to avoid the temptation I hide most of my candy in one of my empty shoe boxes. But as of the beginning of this year, I ran out of box space so I have this HUGE tote bag stuffed at the top of my closet filled to the brim with everything I like. 
When I want it, it's mine. All mine!
*evil laugh*

This photo is only SOME of what I have stashed away. *smh* It's almost a shame but not enough for me to stop hiding it lol

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