Aug 6, 2010

The Others In The Room

What better way to end the week than with a Freaky Friday post?

I've been meaning to blog about this for quite a while now but have put it off because sometimes just the thought of what I experience kind of freaks me out. Even now, as I sit here typing, I have goosebumps running up and down my arms and a sense of being watched, even though I am alone. My kids are in North Carolina and my husband is downstairs asleep.

I believe all my life I've had "others in my room". Since I was five, no matter where my parents moved to, my bedroom was always the coldest. It could be the hottest summer and the rest of the house could be warm, but my bedrooms were always cold.  
I'll start with the most recent occurrence, which was last night. I am usually a night owl. I tend to stay awake until early hours of the morning, most times involuntarily. I'm not quite an insomniac, although there was a point in my life when I was up all nights and sleeping an hour or so every day. Last night, after taking a walk with my husband, I was sure that I would sleep like a baby the minute my head hit the pillow. Unfortunately, even after turning off the laptop and television, I ended up staying awake until well after 3:30am. I prefer to be sleep before three a.m., and I blame this on my watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). After barely drifting off to sleep, I could hear, what seems to be happening more and more, footsteps on my staircase. My floors are carpeted, so it's not like a tapping walk, but more of a shuffling up the stairs with heavy feet. Because I prefer not to see whatever it is, I grab onto my husband who is deep in slumber, and hold him tight. You know that feeling you get as if someone is right behind you, and the tiny hairs on the nape of your neck seem to stand on end? That feeling as if someone is just an inch from touching your skin? I got that feeling...that "we're not alone" feeling.
A few hours later, I was awakened by a very strong smell. Because my husband can sometimes leave something cooking downstairs, I assumed it was him. Here it was 4:45 am, I open my eyes, and Mister is still asleep, snoring, next to me. The smell gets stronger and then leaves. This has happened before while I was sitting downstairs watching TV. An overwhelming smell of flowers or perfume. Not a lingering smell, but as if someone had walked by me, and then a few minutes later, walked back by me in the other direction. 
Something that has occurred to other people who have visited my house happens in my hallway. 
*In my house, the hallway layout is: the front door, immediately to your left is the guest bathroom, about 5 steps further is my staircase, directly across from the staircase is the door to the garage, and two steps further is the entrance to my living room. From my living room, sitting on the couch, you can look directly at the front door.*
Sitting on my couch, more times than I can count, have I seen shadows walk from the right side of the hallway (as if through the wall) and into the bathroom. Some shadows are tall, others are my oldest daughter's height.  Just last week, clear as day, in the middle of the day, the shadow walked down the hallway as if it was coming towards me. By the time I realized what I was seeing, it was gone. My heart almost fell out of my chest in a mix of excitement and fear. This was my second time actually seeing, with certainty, what I know shouldn't have been there. The first time was when I was in junior high school and my brothers, my cousin, a friend and I all saw the ghost of a friend walk through my parents front door.
Since I was younger, I've always kept doors in my bedroom closed. To this day, I cannot go to sleep or stay asleep if I know that a closet door or the master bedroom bathroom door is open. Even if it's slightly ajar, I will get up to close it until I hear the click of the door shutting. 
I tell you this because a while ago, after the children had gone to bed and Mister was out with friends, I was laying in my bed, lights out trying to get to sleep. There was nothing on in my house, not a single TV, no radio, my cellphone was even on quiet. From my bathroom comes the sound of the shower curtains being pulled back. I ignore it because especially being home alone, I don't want to creep myself out. No sooner had I tried to put it out my mind was there a sound of hangers swinging in my closet. I never got up to see about either of these things.
My mother doesn't quite believe in ghosts. So telling her about these things is like trying to convince her that Santa Claus is real. lol But I believe there are spirits that come to visit. I believe there are good ones who 'watch over' us, others who have yet to 'find the light' or their way to the other side, and those 'who like damage', the scary haunting types.
In our previous house, we had a little boy that 'haunted' the kids' playroom. It wasn't until my brother, who was living with us and in that room at the time, confessed to my husband and me while we were sitting around talking that he had seen a little boy. My husband, who is a very chocolate man, turned pale. Just a few nights earlier he had seen this exact boy my brother described in our bedroom. He tried his hardest to get me to turn around and see, but I couldn't muster up the guts to do it. He was shaking that night. So for my brother to then  confirm that my husband wasn't going crazy sparked up an interest to find out if the house we lived in had any history of deaths. Days later, after checking different resources, Mister found out that a little boy had accidentally hung himself in the strings of window blinds in that room. Even after that, we had friends who stayed over experience toys being tossed at them, noises from the closet that led to the attic, even someone being touched while laying in bed. The floors in that house were all wood so it was common to hear creaks up and down the stairs, or footsteps in the hallway. The dog we had, King, a short-haired chihuahua, went ballistic one day on the top of our couch barking and growling, hair standing up on ends. He seemed to be following something that was walking from my kitchen to the stairs. Goosebumps!!!
I like to think that whatever it is I see or hear is 'one who watches over us'. Although I get a little scared and creeped out thinking about it most times, I want to believe there is no danger.
I'm not brave enough to find out for sure, so there will be no infrared cameras or EVP equipment or attempts to communicate with anything. I'll leave that to the Ghosthunters and the likes.
Do you have any ghost stories or experiences with something you can't quite explain?
Any photos with ghostly shadows or images?
Want to read some ghost stories or submit your own? Your Ghost Stories

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