Mar 11, 2012

TheBlogDare: Mar10, Mar11

*I knew that the weekends would fly by and I'd forget to post for TheBlogDare. I'm pretty sure it'll become routine that I'll post the weekend prompts together on Sundays*

Mar10: How my idea of "easy" has changed since becoming a mother:
Easy used to be waking up whenever I wanted to, showering, getting dressed, applying my makeup and going about my day. Easy used to be making a meal for myself in under 30 minutes. Easy used to be getting a paycheck and buying what I wanted for myself whenever I felt like spending money. Easy used to be going out on the weekend, partying until Sunday, and getting up and going to work on Monday through Friday only to do it all again the next weekend.
Easy now? lol Easy now is microwave mac & cheese, doing all the laundry and ironing on one day so that I won't have to during the week. Easy now is planning meals. Easy now is looking for clearance sales and HOPING there's something in my size to wear. Easy now is putting my hair into a ponytail or keeping it braided so that I have one less thing to do when I get dressed, and only wearing eyeliner and chap stick, and not painting my fingernails because the same day I polish them, they'll be messed up because of the dishwater. Easy is avoiding arguments whenever I can because I'm sure someone may one day discover I am a little crazy. Easy is getting to sleep before 3am, eating only twice a day because I'm worried that everything I eat will stick to my already large belly and jiggly thighs. 
I wish the Easy Button was real!
Easy is not so easy anymore.....

Mar11: Being a first time mother
Scared. That's the first word that comes to mind. I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant, 21 when I had Peanut. I was two weeks away from going to Boot Camp for the Air Force (I was going to be a Air Traffic Controller) when I got really sick. I rarely got sick so when I did/do I knew/know it was something serious.  Immediately I realized I might need to get one of those sticks to pee on. Lo & behold, the stick yelled "PREGNANT". I cried. I cried. And I cried some more.
But I loved being pregnant. 
Contractions started at about 7am on October 6th, 2000 and at about 4pm, I was holding my first daughter. She was a chunky brown bundle. But she was mine and she was beautiful.
I was still living with my parents for the first year and a half of her life so my parents were there when I REALLY needed them. I emphasize REALLY because they told me they would not be getting up in the middle of the night to feed her or change diapers, and they would not be babysitting while I was out at the clubs or hanging with my friends. At the time, I didn't understand fully why they did it, but now I have an appreciation for it because I think that is what made me love being a mother. I spent every waking moment with her when I wasn't working. We slept in the same bed until I got married and she got her own bed and room. We did everything together. Watched Disney & Pixar movies, went out to eat, the parks, Chuck E. Cheese play dates, danced to music at full blast. We were (and I like to think still are) best friends. 
Everyone compliments me by saying I am a wonderful mother and I take pride in that. When I was younger I always said that I would never have children and that I would just work, party, and be happy. Good thing I didn't bet on that! I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I love being a mother. If all else fails, I can always say that I did pretty damn good at something and being a mother is that!

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