Mar 12, 2012

Random Because I Can't Sleep

Tonight is one of those nights where there this too much on my mind and I can't fall asleep.
I even turned the tv off and all the lights and tried, yet here I am. So what better way to waste the night away than with music.
I LOVE Christina Aguilera! She doesn't have talent, she is  talent! Her voice invokes so much emotion when she sings. My favorites of her songs are "Beautiful" & "Hurt" but I just found a brand new favorite while browsing Vevo.

Somehow I managed to miss the release of this song and video but thankfully I've come across it. I have the "Bionic" cd but never got the chance to play and listen to the songs on it. But now that I know.......IT'S OVER! lol 
I sit here now wiping the 'mist' from my eyes. Goodness, I love this song. The video just enhances the lyrics. It's awesome!

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