Mar 10, 2012

TheBlogDare: Mar9

*i forgot to blog yesterday.*

I never get to read anymore.
I used to keep a book in my hands. I was always seen with a Stephen King or Dean Koontz book. I would read at night until the words became one big blur and I would fall asleep and dream about the book I was reading.
Now, even though I find and buy books I WANT to read, I never actually get to sit for an hour or so and read them. And the few times I have tried, I find myself going over the words but my mind is thinking about the other thousand things that I have to take care of the next day and the everyday stuff that I have to do. So I'm not even enjoying the book. 

I even tried the Kindle app on my phone so that I could read books on the go. Not once did I get through a chapter of a book. I found that when I'm out, I'm too busy being aware of my surroundings so looking down at a phone to read and get into a story just doesn't work for me.
I truly miss reading. Having a new book in my hand with that new book smell. Feeling the pages and the spine. I have to get back to reading. I really do...

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