Mar 14, 2012

1000 Things That Make Me Happy (41-50)

*I had almost forgotten about my list of happiness! Shame on me*

41. Judge Mathis. Judge Mathis is one of my favorite court shows on TV. Not only is he smart and fair, he's also funny. I used to love when he would call someone a crackhead. lol 

42. Joe's Crab Shack. I had never been to Joe's until after we moved here to North Carolina and OMG! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! The last time Mister took me was on his birthday weekend and we ate and stuffed ourselves completely. I love seafood and Joe's is the perfect place to ease a seafood craving.

43. Scentsy is my favorite addiction. I have so many different scents it's ridiculous. The scent lasts forever and fills the whole house with a great aroma. I have yet to find a scentsy I don't like. My newest favorite is "Linger". If you haven't used it or heard of it, and you love to walk into a house with a pleasing aroma, you should definitely check out scentsy. I'm even thinking about becoming a consultant for scentsy. 

44. Fatal Frame Series. This is maybe one of the only point and shoot (literally point and shoot with a camera) that I like and play. It's filled with ghosts and creepy story lines. Mister had it years ago when he had a PS2 but got rid of it when He bought a PS3. Just this week though, we found out that Game Stop was selling PS2s for only $29 and guess who's awesome husband bought one and all three of the Fatal Frame games for her? Yes, Mister did! Happy!

45. Mister's hugs. You know those times when you just need a good hug? Mister has some of the best hugs. I love the unexpected hugs he gives and they always seem to be just when I need them.

46. Spring.  Right now, it is about 83 degrees in NC. Winter is gone and it feels good. It's perfect weather right now: not too hot and beautiful sunsets to boot.

47. Money. I mean, really. Who doesn't love money? Wouldn't it be GREAT if it really grew on trees?

48. Get-togethers. To have the company of friends and good conversation and fun is a win-win.

49. My Bestie. We've been friends for almost 12 years now. We don't always see each other and we rarely call but when we do get together, we always have a good time. Even something as simple as playing Jeopardy on the computer for hours is fun. We like to do alot of the same things and she's an awesome friend I can always talk to. She's a beautiful person and I love her.

50. Dollar Tree. You can't beat going into a store and finding almost anything you need for only a dollar! 

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