Jan 31, 2012

We are THOSE parents......

We are the mother and father of three daughters. Three beautiful daughters. Three VERY intelligent daughters. Three sensitive daughters. Three daughters who, if anyone "comes out their face wrong to",  we would go to jail for. lol 
I realized a few years ago that we are VERY protective of our children. Not to the point where we'll shield them from real life, but protective enough to go to extreme lengths to protect their rights as little women.

Last year, we were ready to whoop some little boy's behind because he pulled a 'boyscout' knife on my oldest daughter. He immediately ran to his house when he saw us come out of our back door.  We drove around the corner to find him, which thankfully some other little boy showed us his house, and talked to his mother. His mother took care of it, I'm sure. She turned red with anger and cursed him out in front of us...I don't know if she was embarrassed,or upset that such a thing could be more, or just used to and fed up with his shenanigans. He seemed like the type to constantly cause more trouble than the average pre-teen.

Then, tonight, my daughter walks in the house, eyes red from crying but you can tell it's more of an ANGRY cry than the "my feelings are hurt" cry. I ask what's wrong and she tells me some little boy has been calling her a bitch all afternoon. As stated before, my oldest is a tomboy. Plays with little boys (and my brother) as if she was born a boy. She's not a punk and I love that about her. So she tells us that while playing football, he's been calling her names and kicking her, so she was hitting him back. In my personal opinion, I think he was calling names because she was hitting him back harder than he thought she could and it hurt. lol So when we walked outside to go confront him about his disrespect, we see him speed walking towards his house. Mister & I were almost on our way over to his house to talk to his parents about his disrespect when we realized maybe he's just a little punk. I"m sure she won't have another problem with him. I'm surely hoping so. Nowadays, talking to parents about their children is more dangerous than walking into a gunfight... *smh*
Are you a parent?
Have you ever found yourself ready to approach a child with a belt to beat their behinds, like they did back in the day? lol


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