Feb 15, 2012

Random Wednesday

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Life has become a little exciting again. 
Let's catch up a little bit, shall we? 
First, Happy Belated Valentine's day. Hope everyone who likes to receive and give cards, chocolates, gifts, etc on that day got more than they anticipated. Hope there was an abundance of love and affection; enough to lift you off the ground an inch or three. 
I, personally, am not a fan of Valentine's day. It started back in high school, I think. Everyone walking around in their red outfits, balloons, chocolate, and things, happy and 'in love'. Cute? Yeah, back in elementary when the cards and candy only meant more sweets than usual. The older I got, the more I realized that Valentine's day was more of a day to make the retailers happier than those who are receiving the gifts. Then I would think to myself, why set aside one day of the year to shower the one you love with so much? It's not special (in my opinion) if the whole world is receiving the same kinds of gifts and affection from their honey as you are from yours. *shrug* For this reason, and a few others, I tell Mister every year not to worry about the cards, chocolates, and gifts. He does enough loving and surprising me throughout the year. So I get Valentine's day more than once and I love that.
Now, I'm not the one to go around and post all over Facebook and Twitter, my blog or forums I belong to and be the Valentine's Day Grinch. I think it's beautiful in it's own way that on that day, love is in overdrive. Kudos to those who take the time to acknowledge it and celebrate. 
Monday I made a trip with Mister and my best friend, Nikesha. Nikesha finally got her "L3" behind her left ear and I finally got a tattoo to represent my daughters. I looked up a few symbols and found one that represented the letter "E", since all of their names begin with "E". So the largest symbol represents Peanut, the middle represents Monkey, and the smallest represents Rabbit. They like it. Grins all around when I told them what the tattoo meant. 
I got this one behind my right ear since I already have my "L3" behind my left one. I love it. It's pretty neat. This one makes six tattoos...I think I want at least six more.

February 11 was Mister's birthday. He's getting closer and closer to forty, which is hard to believe because He still looks like he's in his late twenties. No one seems to believe that He's approaching forty. He is a good looking somebody. *grin* I had gone shopping for His gifts days before I got to take the girls out to shop for Him. I kept them at my parent's house because He's not very good at NOT looking for presents when He knows He's getting some. Like a kid around Christmas time. lol The girls went all out. They were planning for at least a week about what to get Him; little secret meetings, whispering lol They each agreed to buy some clothes, a hat in His favorite color,  a cake, and some chef supplies (because He loves to cook).  Then yesterday His Invicta watch came in the mail,
That afternoon we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. And that evening, we dropped the girls off with my brother for the night and He & I went bowling with my mother & father, and later to Joe's Crab Shack. We stuffed our faces and then went to our room at the Hilton Garden Inn and relaxed. We had a suite with a beautiful whirlpool tub and a large extremely comfortable king bed. Sleep was awesome until 6am when we were awakened by the sound of the fire alarms going off. At first, we thought maybe it was just someone setting off the alarm after lighting a cigarette/cigar or something. Then we peeked out the door and smelled the fire,  and saw people leaving. Regretfully, we packed everything up and headed out. Tired and cold, we came home and slept until it was time to go get the girls from my brother. All in all though, it was a great day. I hadn't seen Mister smile all day the way He did on His birthday. To see Him happy made me happy. For just that day, the world was lifted off of His shoulders and He enjoyed Himself. For that there is no price.
(here are a few photos from the day)

Let's see......oh yeah. I finally found minivan. I have wanted a minivan since forever but never had the funds to get one. So this year, I decided I would look around for a used one. I'm not a picky person so I wasn't looking for an extravagant brand new luxury van. A used one is just as good for me. I found a Chevy Venture, champagne gold. It's not the in best shape but it's a good van. I have to get a few things under the hood fixed and some new tires. I have to take some photos to share. The kids were almost as excited as I was when they came home from school and saw it sitting in the driveway. Finally, for the first time in my life, I have a vehicle in my name. No car payments. And it's something I wanted and chose. Plus, Mister bought a Mac book for me. Found one on Craigslist for a very good price. And so I, Shontae, am beyond satisfied. 
Today was Emani's first day in her martial arts class at CMA, Inc. She was soooo excited. And she is TOOOO cute in her Gi. I can't wait to watch her progress as a martial artist. She's waited so long to finally get into a class. I also like this program because it's 'christian based' so throughout the class and instruction, there are lessons and verses throughout the Bible that are taught to the students. Just now she walked in here doing the Combination Kick One. She's been smiles all day. I love it. She deserves to finally do something she's been wanting to do. Especially with the grades she's been making. Good grades make it hard to say no. I told everyone to prepare for photo overload because I'll surely be taking a lot throughout the years of class. Here's one Mister took tonight after class.

That's about it for now. Life is pretty awesome lately. Everyone is getting what they've wanted. The weather has been unseasonably warm. Things are almost too easy right now and in a way that scares me. You ever get that feeling? I'm trying my hardest to keep happy thoughts so that I'm not bringing negative energy into our lives. Loving life right now.

Until next time.....

Live, Love, Laugh!


Mango Chutney said...

Congrats on the new van purchase! I'm waiting until the summer:( I get ur point about V day, it is overrated and I'm not really into "holidays" per se but this year I actually endulged because.... I think I deserved it after all the kaios I've had to go thru this year;) thx for visiting, and I'll be back;$

LaShawn Wiltz said...

You've been busy! I love the tattoos! I'm not brave enough to get one, but i always admire everyone else's!

Shontae said...

Rose's Daughter, I'm a little drawn to the pain of it all..probably a little more than the art of the tattoos lol That's a whole other blog post though lmao

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