Jul 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial/Verdict

Not Guilty!....?

Right now, my blood boils.
My heart aches for the life of a two-year old girl who's death now becomes an unsolved case.
I was not up on EVERY single detail of the case but the things that I did read and hear about had me convinced that the jury would find Casey Anthony guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. But to my, and so many others', surprise she was found not guilty of the murder but instead only guilty of four counts of lying to investigators.

Shock. Amazement. Mad. Disbelief. All at the same time.
The question of the day is: So, who killed Caylee?
I understand that to convict her of the murder, the prosecution would have to prove it without reasonable doubt. Fine. But then, how could the jury doubt that she either did it or was involved? She didn't report her missing child for thirty days! What MOTHER does that?
*I hate that they even refer to Anthony as a mother because to me she's not. Any female can give birth to a child...doesn't make them a Mother...*
While her child was missing, she was out partying and living it up, as if this wasn't happening....even got a tattoo that translated into "The Good Life".  Really, Casey? *smh*
She lied and lied again about a lie. That to me, makes her suspicious as hell. 
Her parents walked out when the verdict was read, not a smile, a wave, a small look of relief on their faces. Could be because Casey actually accused her own father of having something to do with it....could be they are upset that their granddaughter's death has no answer, no one to own up to it, no real justice. Maybe stunned that their daughter actually got off...maybe they KNOW something we don't... I would love to know how they really feel.
What really sucks is if someday down the line, some evidence, or a confession even, comes forth and can prove that Casey was indeed guilty, they cannot try her again for it. Double Jeopardy..... If one day Casey were to be drunk somewhere and blurted out "I did and there's nothing anyone can do about it", she'd probably be absolutely right.
I was mad watching the news this afternoon. I was soooo sure that she'd be found guilty of something more than "LYING".

First degree MISDEMEANORS! She could get up to four years (a year for each count) but then she could also get time served and be released back into the world as a free woman on Thursday, July seventh.
To watch her smile and grin and look so relieved in the courtroom after she was found not guilty made my stomach turn. I think she's only happy because she won't be getting the death penalty, or that she'll finally be out of prison.
I wonder how scared she is to be put back into the public? Wonder how long she'll need security, because I know there are people out there who would like a punch to the head or two. (lol)
Ultimately, the only judge will be God and she's got a lot of answering to do when the time comes...even though she didn't have much to say in court.
And on that note, I'm done. The more I think about it the madder I get again.....*inhale* *woooosaaaaa*
I just hope that Caylee's death is eventually brought to justice. It's senseless for such a young innocent child to be taken from this earth for any reason other than God's.
R.I.P. Caylee Anthony.

What are your thoughts? Feelings? Do you agree with the verdict?

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LadeeB said...

my timeline was filled with parents who were outraged for the same reasons I was/am: the fact that this is now an unsolved case...

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