Jul 6, 2011

Angry Grandpa HATES Casey Anthony Verdict!

This video contains ALOT of vulgar language.
If you are offended by foul words, I strongly suggest you do not watch the video.

I just wanted to post this video because I promise everything he was saying was EXACTLY how a lot of people felt when the verdict was read at about 2:15pm yesterday afternoon. I know I said some of the exact same thoughts (although maybe not as strongly as he did). It just doesn't seem fair....
And before I post the video I also want to say I'm tired of hearing this whole "if she was Black" comparison....I understand some people may think her race had something to do with her being acquitted. Fine. Their opinion. I don't quite agree. ..because what if she was Black and she got off...? Then what?...
Anyway, here's Angry Grandpa and his unmistakable thoughts.

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