Jul 1, 2011

1000 Things That Make Me Happy (32-40)

And the list continues. Numbers 32 to 40. After this hard, long, hot week, making this list brought a smile to face. Aaaah, the little things....
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32. The smell of hand sanitizer. I don't know why but the smell of sanitizer makes me happy. (lol) Not the ones that have a fragrance, but the ones that smell like gelled alcohol. Ever since my second pregnancy, it has been something that I've grown to 'need' in my life. *shrug*

33. Mister's scalp massages. Something about a man washing your hair...but then to have your husband's big manly hands wash your hair....*sigh*. It's hard not to drown in the sink (lol) because closing my eyes and drifting off is way too easy.

34. Poetry. I used to write a new poem everyday when I was in my teenage years, even more when I was in my late teens and experiencing puppy love. As time went by I stopped writing (and I need to get back into it.. I miss writing), but I still enjoy reading poetry.

35. Fried Catfish....not just any catfish. Mister's Fried Catfish. I thought my Father had the best catfish until Mister perfected his recipe. OMG....I don't even like to share when he makes it...

36. Cool breezes on a warm day. Nowadays, I have more hot flashes than a woman going through menopause. So a warm day is HELL for me. A cool breeze, no...a breeze at all, is heaven.

37. Swords. I'm not a fan of guns and I've always loved a sharp, clean blade. So it only makes sense that I have a love of and for swords. *these are not my swords but would love to have them in our collection*

38. Laughter is the best medicine.

39. White Diamonds Perfume. Maybe because my mother wore this perfume for as long as I can remember, it has become a scent that makes me think of her and home. I've never personally bought my own bottle of it, but love it when it's on my skin. (RIP Elizabeth Taylor)

40. Mortal Kombat. The video game was my favorite to play when I was a teenager. My younger brother and I could sit in the room and play for hours. We took it seriously! (lol) I'm thinking to buy the new Mortal Kombat game for the PS3 so that I can fight and defeat Mister a few times. Raiden was my favorite character to play with.

Have you decided to do a list?

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