Jul 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Six

Day 6: My views on mainstream music

Hot 100 Songs as of July15

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE music.
Not just any music either...I prefer and love GOOD music.

I grew up listening to (now classic) rock, soul music, R&B, rap, alternative,...everything.
Back when music made sense and had reason to be made and listened to. (lol)
Broke up with your girl? Throw on some Lenny Williams

About to or just lost your virginity? Let Betty Wright sing "Tonight Is the Night"
I miss when music meant something when you heard it and you could relate some part of your life to a song.

I walk in the club so dashing, in the latest BBC fashion
The light from the strip club flashing
Keep the sparkle in my earrings dancing
We're hundred G makers till they cremate us
Skateboard P in the lime green gators
White chinchilla, million dollar neck glitter
Yeah I got security, see that gorilla
When you got money, it's hard to hide it
Took my hand out my pocket and watched her eyes get
Big, took a million to supersize it
All the bitches saying "heeeey' like my name was Isaac
Why you put me on blast like that?
Shit why you shaking with an ass like that?
Besides I wasn't really trying to smash like that
I got a girl - bitch I ain't fast like that
This Miami, time's wasting, bet that bass line keep you shaking
Look end of the night all my n!gg@s is waiting
Uh uh, not me ma, told ya I'm taken
Like, wait, what? lol I just can't. And I used to love listening to rap. Now I fear turning to music channels because I already know what all the videos will look like. 
Mainstream music is okay I guess as long as it's not just some words put over a beat. If the artist is constantly telling me how many 'bitches he can pull at the club' or 'how many cars he got in his driveway' or how many 'bodies he put in the ground', then they've lost me as a listener.
Funny I used to tease my Father about not liking some of the rap I used to listen to...but now when I play it, I'm like, Daddy had a point! (lol)

Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Adele, Coldplay, Lupe, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown...these I can listen to with no problem. Their songs are in my top 30 Summer Jams list. Plus, my daughters can listen to their songs without pausing every few minutes to censor themselves.


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