Jul 13, 2011

Google Plus

     A friend sent an invitation to Google Plus today.
     I had been reading about Google Plus but wasn't sure if I was ready to add something else to keep up with, especially when at first glance it looks like a 'baby Facebook'. lol
So today, while checking my email, and coming across the invitation I figured, why not? I've tried everything else from AIM to MySpace. Worse come to worst, I'd just stop using it right? That's what happened to my MySpace page.... (PS: I'm not digging the new Myspace look...what is "my[___]"?  That just looks crazy. Might as well type out the word. smh)
     If this is just the beginning and they're working out kinks and bugs, then I can't wait to see what the 'finished' product will look like. Already, I'm loving that you can create Circles and then choose which Circles to share your 'status updates' with, unlike on Facebook where your status is for all to see.  I haven't used the Hangout feature yet, which is pretty much a live video chat with your friends. Photos can be automatically be uploaded to a private album on Google from your phone which is awesome, because there have been times I've accidentally deleted photos before saving them to somewhere. Sparks feature is alright. Sort of like StumbleUpon where you type in an interest and different items pop up related to said interest.
     I've created a Circle called "Bloggers" so if any of my Blogging friends want to be added to my circle, I'll be glad to send you an invitation if you don't already have one. At least until Google Plus is not by invitation only.

Are you using Google Plus? Do you give it a thumbs up, thumbs down, or unsure rating?
If you haven't tried it yet, are you interested in trying it out while it's in it's testing period or would you rather wait until everything is complete?


Jennifer said...

Hi Shontae! I discovered your blog through the SITS forum.

I just heard about Google+ a week or 2 ago and put myself on the waiting list to get an invite. Like you, I'm wondering if I really want to add one more social networking thing to my growing list, but I'm curious and do want to try it out.

I like the sound of the circles and being able to select who can see my status updates. That's a pretty nice feature.

ShontaeB said...

If you would like I can send an invitation. :)

Jennifer said...

That would be really great! I'm very curious about how it works. My email is available through my blog. Thanks so much!

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