Jun 13, 2011

Random Music Time: Marsha Ambrosius

I LOOOOOOOOVE Marsha Ambrosius! I was sad to see Floetry split to do their own things but not mad about the awesomeness that has since taken place! If you haven't heard her new CD, then you are missing out on some very nice tunes! She is talent!
Her newest video: "Late Night, Early Mornings".
Or as Miss Ambrosius would say, "Listen responsibly!"

1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

I love this entire album...one of my favs for a relaxing (wink) evening with the hubster!

Okay, but the video for this song has me muy disturbed...the positive and negative signs relating to HIV status I'm assuming cause me to view this song in an entirely new light. Wow!

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