Jun 17, 2011

List of Five Friday

Five of my favorite TV shows:

1. HawthoRNe The new season just premiered this past Tuesday and what an awesome premiere it was. Jada Pinkett plays Christina Hawthorne, an RN, who is constantly under pressure and stress but always seems to find a way to make everything okay. I have not missed a single episode and I cannot wait to see how this second season plays out. Here's a video recap of the first episode "For Better or For Worse".

2. Nurse Jackie, played by Edie Falco, who many probably remember from The Sopranos, plays a nurse who has a bit of an addiction problem, which also affects her family life. The show is now on it's third season and is now coming to a close.

3. Ghost Adventures. If you've read a few of my posts, somewhere along the way you've read that I love horror movies. Although this is just a show, I love that it's reality show with people who try to capture evidence of ghosts. Only thing that freaks me out is that usually while I'm watching it, there's alot of activity in my house later that night....ooooh, spooky lol

4. Intervention.  Addiction is real and this reality series brings viewers up close and personal to addicts and the lives they live. By the end of the episodes, the family tries an intervention to help get the addicts clean. Some work, others don't. The stories are usually very sad and have me misty-eyed by the end of the show....

5. America's Next Top Model I hate to miss an episode. My oldest daughter wants to become a model so she's also an avid fan. We love ANTM!

It's your turn. What are your favorite TV shows?


Diva (in Demand) said...

I just watched the episode last night online (still celebrating not having a cable bill LOL) and I'm with you...I am sooooo excited to see what's coming this season. And I was so hype to see Marc Anthony....LOVE HIM IN THIS SHOW!

LadeeB said...

Okay, so does it feel like some kind of tension between Jada & Marc? I promise there's this lil spark that won't die between them...I'm waiting for the drama that's sure to come

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