Jan 31, 2011

Monday Quickie

It is definitely a Monday. I’ve been wide awake since 530am but my body is not as awake as my brain. I hate that eventually I’ll want to take a nap but wont be able to.
The last day of January. I’m hoping February is as good as January has been. I can’t complain too much about the year thus far because it’s actually going better than I planned or expected. Hope this good streak is here to stay for a while.

Oh….I pressed Emani’s hair last night, then roller set it. This morning it was so full and curly. She loves it. I’m just hoping her press and curl lasts for the whole week before we’re back to the afro.

My baby is becoming a little lady. No more beads for her and she’s slowly coming to not want braids anymore. I doubt we’ll completely eliminate braids but I’m trying to listen to some of her ideas and give her the hairstyles she likes. *sigh* My ten year old little lady.

Well, lunch is on it’s way. Erika insisted on Pizza again so we’re having Papa John's today. Can’t beat an All-Meats Specialty Pizza for only $10.

Hope you’re having a great start to a new week.

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