Feb 7, 2011

Monday Random

Valentine's Day it's right around the corner. Not especially a holiday I observe and celebrate but did get some Sweetheart baskets for the girls.
I got a new phone yesterday. It was past time that I upgraded and was looking forward to a newer blackberry. But when I got into the t-mobile store and saw this Samsung Galaxy S doing it's demo, I knew I was no longer a blackberry addict. I felt bad for switching over to a droid but that only lasted about an hour. When I got home and Mister started explaining everything to me, I knew I was hooked. Especially with the Swype feature. I'm posting this using Swype and I can't believe how smart and fast this is. Awesome.
Counting down until we get to Vegas. Two weeks. I can't wait. The girls are super excited because they get to spend time with their grandmother who is coming up in a few days.
Mister & I went out Saturday night with one of his high school friends and his girl. We ate, drank, and.had some good laughs at Chickie's and Pete's, and then to Alstarz for some drinks and music. It was a great time out. We didn't get home until 8 am the next morning. I haven't done that since my teenage years.
Hoping it doesn't snow any time soon. I don't want my mother traveling in bad weather. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I plan to get the last part of state board done soon. Just have to re-up on my supplies and get some practice in. I'm ready to get this over and done .
Are you sticking to your New Year promises?

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