Jan 29, 2011

Saturday Random

So, I’m sitting here watching “Notorious”. Kids are upstairs playing, most likely with their Bratz dolls. Mister is out playing pool with his friends. A regular Saturday for me pretty much.
Oh! Thursday afternoon a friend called and said he finally wanted to get his photo shoot done. I had asked him over Thanksgiving to come get some photos done because I need new faces for Element51’s sites. He started out nervous and not sure what to do but when I cut the music on, awesomeness began. I got some really good pictures. He did a very good job. I’m getting a little better understanding the lighting too. I only have two to work with right now, and they’re not even a set, or the same kinds of lights. One is a light I bought on eBay, another is something like a flood light. I can’t wait to get a good lighting set, maybe some strobes, some soft boxes. I’m ready.
After I finished shooting Nephew, a co-worker of my husband’s came by and Oh My Goodness. Her pictures came out great, too.
With the help of another friend as Director, the shoot was great.
I guess I need to work on directing during my shoots. I’ve always felt like it would make the shoots look too posed if I was sitting there saying "do this, and do that, put your leg  here, your hand there, stretch that, touch that…” lol I’d rather, most times, let the subject go with the flow. I find that with music they find ways to pose because with the rhythm they start to dance, and sometimes the dance becomes a good pose with an awesome angle. The only time I really ‘direct’ is when I have a themed shoot and have an image in my head of what I want.
I have a few shoots set up for the next coming weeks. I can’t wait to get those done. I especially can’t wait for the warm weather to get here so that I can start the Heels & Steel project. I CANNOT WAIT!
Speaking of weather, snow, snow, snow. My goodness. It seems as soon as the snow starts to melt another snowstorm comes through as if it’s offended. lol We’re supposed to be getting more snow in the next week. It’s a lot. The kids love it because they get snow days out of school but they’ll hate it when they have to make up the upcoming holidays or have extra days during their summer break. I heard down in NC, they had the students reporting to school on Saturdays because of the snow cancelling school a few days. Wow.
Well, now I’ll present a few of the photos from the shoots in case you haven’t seen them on the Facebook page, in which case, you need to make your way over there by clicking HERE!!!! Become a fan. Come get YOUR photos done.

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