Oct 1, 2010

Make Me Happy

With so much stress and troubles in the world, it's important to find and recognize things that give me simple pleasures. Here are just a few. What are some of your pleasures?

My Children's Laughter
to hear them laugh always brings a smile to my face because I know their laughter is genuine happiness.

because no matter how mad, sad, irritated, or depressed I may seem to be music 'calms my savage beast' every time.

Good Friends
I don't have many friends but the ones that I do take honor in calling friends always make me feel as worthy of their friendship as they are of mine.

Horror Movies
i love the 'safe danger' feeling we get to experience while watching a horror movie. Because there aren't many good horror movies anymore I tend to watch old horror movies more and more.

Winter Air
snow, the holidays, a new year are always right around the corner when you can smell the winter air

Spending quality time with the family
Every day is an opportunity to make new memories with the ones we love so quality is always important and made to be the most fun. The children are sure to remember the good times even when they're older.

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