Sep 21, 2010

First Day Again

So yesterday was the girls’ first official day back to school. Emani is now a fourth grader, Eboni a first grader.
We drove them to school to make sure that everything went okay, with them being absent the first 10 days I was worried the school would insist we re-register them as someone had left a message on my voicemail saying so. The hardest part of the day was the bus stop pick up. I chose to meet Eboni at her bus stop when she came home so that I would know what time to expect her every day. I left the house at 3p so I would not miss her bus. It seemed like every bus in the county had passed by me.  I was certain that a certain bus that stopped at her regular stop was her bus, but after the bus driver, stopped, put on the lights, and then drove off again, I figured I had the wrong bus. So here comes 3:30 and Emani has already come home 10 minutes earlier, although her school is further than Eboni’s. So now, I’m panicking but trying not to worry too much. Emani decides to run down to the second bus stop on the other end of my street, assuming that if Eboni didn't get off the bus in time, she would surely get off down there. I stayed at the corner, just in case we missed her bus and it was on the way. To cut the story short, the bus that had stopped was in fact Eboni’s bus…she was asleep in the back. I was so relieved because my heart was going into full panic mode and wasn't sure what to do besides drive to the school to curse someone out. lol
Then this morning, Tuesday, we leave the house at 7:05 am and as soon as we hit the bottom of the driveway, Eboni’s bus pulls up. Two kids get on the bus. Eboni is running FULL speed to get there. Do you know the bus driver drove off? I know he heard the older kids at the bus stop say “wait, someone’s coming”, and I know he saw my child running, and I know he heard me yelling to hold on. Still, he drove off. So again, I figure to walk down to the other end of the street to meet up with the bus. He comes to the corner and asks me, “Oh, was that her?” I said, “Yeah, you left her.” He apologized and said that he has to get used to her being on the bus since she’s ‘new’. I know now, my kids need to be out of the house by at least 6:59, which means I’ll have to wake them up by at least 5:45 instead of 6am so that they can have time to eat breakfast and get their hair done. I just hope they can adjust to it. They are in bed at 8p every night so it’s not as if they’ll be sleep deprived. I’m the one who has to get used to getting up at the crack of dawn every morning again. I struggled this morning because my back has been giving me hell, so a good night’s sleep is not something I get every night.
Other than that, the girls are loving school. Especially Emani because she gets a locker this year. Yeah, fourth graders get lockers. I didn't get one until junior high school. Eboni likes that she gets more homework now. Because she’s going to the same school Emani used to go to, she’s excited that she gets the work journal and weekly communicator. My babies are getting so big. All I have to do now is get my little Erika in Head Start and I’ll have three students off to school every morning.
So that’s the newest in my life.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weather’s cool down and the turning leaves.

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