Sep 18, 2010

September 18

Saturday. Sangria night. Movie night.

I drove to Fayetteville to ‘retrieve’ my children from my mother & father’s house. Only a day to recuperate which is never enough time when I’m there to visit. Always know that visiting invites friends I HAVE to see while I’m there and a glass or two of something that will impair my driving. (lol) So this visit, I was surprised to see a friend I haven’t seen in years. Julian. It was a great surprise to see him walk into my mother’s kitchen Thursday night with my bestest bestest friend, Cora. That night was filled with crazy stomach-turning videos (2girls1cup, 1man1jar, etc) and lots of laughs. Cora had me laughing sooo hard about the movies and the outrageous prices and 3D glasses and popcorn. I giggle now just thinking about it and how serious she was lol Needless to say, I didn’t to bed until about 2am. Luckily my body was aware that I had to be on the road as early as possible because I woke up without an alarm at 7am. My girls and I were on the interstate by 830am on our way back to NJ.
Craziest thing I’ve seen on the highway in a very long time happened Friday afternoon. While driving through Maryland, four cars ahead of me, I watched a car in the far left lane flip off the road onto it’s top. I don't think I’ve ever had my heart beat so fast as it did at that moment. I SAW the car swerve five minutes earlier and decided to slow down and change to the third lane, the slow lane, so that I wasn't right behind him. I just felt and knew I shouldn't be behind that car as close as I was after I saw the third swerve. Before I knew it, that last swerve had the car past the median and off of the road. Traffic slowed to a complete stop almost immediately. People pulled over to rush to the car to help the driver and passengers. I feel bad because I didn't stop to help but then again I was lanes over so to stop would mean for me to have to cross highway traffic to get out to help anyway. Endanger myself with three little girls in my car made no sense to me at that time. Luckily, it seemed everyone got out okay and I assume everything turned out alright…I hope.
After that, my tiredness wore off until I reached New Jersey. To watch an almost fatal accident is sure to give a jolt to the system. I had to call Mister to let him know what I had just seen because it seemed so unreal. The girls didn't see the accident happen, thank goodness, but they were aware of what happened. They were so concerned for the people in that car. I love that about them.
So now we’re home, finally. Noise in my house like it used to be. Footsteps upstairs while we’re watching TV. Laughter while they play in their rooms with each other. The swings at the playground with my children swinging to their hearts’ content. Amazing how much you miss the smallest things when you don't have them around.
Life is complete again.
Monday we’ll take them to school for their first day. They will be the ‘new old kids’. They’ll be known because of classmates from last year but new to their new classes. I look forward to it probably more than they do. I do hope to get my youngest, the three year old, into Head Start this year. She’s so looking forward to it and because she’s so smart I want her to go. She can already recognize the letters in her name so I can only imagine what more she could learn and know before kindergarten if she gets to go to Head Start this year. I really hope it’s possible.
Other than that, life is good. I look forward to getting back into the school routine. I look forward to the homework. I look forward to looking forward to Fridays. (Fridays are not the same when it’s a summer vacation Friday.) I look forward to watching and knowing my kids are learning and growing.

I’m just altogether happy that my girls are home. I have been missing them something terrible. I am now Mommy again. And it feels good. :)


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