Sep 13, 2010

Oh Wow….

Is September almost over already? A few months from now 2010 will be no more. This year is going by way too fast for me.
I’ve been MIA again on my blog, just when I was getting into the routine of posting at least weekly. Every time I thought to take the time to blog, I forget and find something else to do. I need to start using my Blackberry to post more often since it’s always attached to my hands anyway.
So school started the Friday before Labor Day. My children are still at their grandparents’ house. We’ll be on our way to get them on the fifteenth. Don’t you just hate when you have everything planned out and life comes along and throws a curve into everything? This curve caused us to have to reschedule to take the five hundred mile trip to North Carolina. So my girls are missing the first two weeks of school. Of course, that is getting under my skin ALOT because the one thing I refuse to play with is my children’s education. I’m not too worried because I know my girls will be able to catch up with the schoolwork and everything. They are very bright students. They, on the other hand, are not exactly too stressed about it because it’s like an extended vacation for them. lol I know they miss us as much as we miss them, but what child wouldn’t love some extra time with their grandparents and uncles they don’t get to see so very often?
I finally got my diploma from Empire Beauty School. It only took almost two years.
Let’s see. Oh, yeah. My natural hair journey. My hair is growing like crazy. I’ve been getting better at keeping a protective hairstyle in for more than a few days at a time. I notice the difference in the manageability of my hair. I’ve also been only co washing, and that seems to be helping with the moisturizing and easy detangling. My newest favorite product is Mizani’s leave-in milk. Not only does it smell great but it makes my hair soft and full. The shine is noticeable too.
Now on to my continuous day of laundry. I decided to wash a closet of clothes. Literally a closet of clothes. How fun.



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