Jul 17, 2010

Sassy Saturday (7/17/10)

Because my daughters and I are now doing the natural transitions, Saturdays will be sassy hairstyles or fashion that I find on the Internet. I frequent CurlyNikki for natural hairstyles, since I am fairly new to this.
My daughters have taken to the two-strand twists very well. They have very full, thick heads of hair and are complete divas (lol) so I'm always looking for something new to try with them to help them get used to being natural.
They aren't "relaxer pros"...they've (the oldest two) only had a few in the last two years. But I noticed that they love curls and bangs.
My oldest is like me so she loves hairstyles like Afros and Mohawks and afropuffs (she is my twin, really).
My baby likes anything that she thinks is cute..she's still coming into her own style, but I find that she's not very picky. She tends to think she's awesome in everything and with every hairstyle.
My second child, however, is going to need a job by the age of fifteen. When I tell you that she is already doing makeup (we watch Petrilude on YouTube..she loves his tutorials and apparently takes very good mental notes) and has a fashion sense that even I, at my age, have yet to find for myself, I tell you no lie. She is D-I-V-A. lol My father calls her "Diva" more than he does by her birth name lol

So to start off with the first Sassy Saturday, I've decided to include this awesome video that I found on CurlyNikki of a Faux Mohawk. I intend to try this on my oldest soon. She's been asking for days to have an awesome Mohawk, and this one looks like it'll work awesome with her hair texture.

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