Jul 7, 2010

Random As Hell

ooooooh this blue is pretty! ....... lmao
back to business
This is only random because my black ass forgot what I wanted to blog about. lol
I hate that.
I was watching tv and had the most awesome blog idea...paragraphs and all in my head....
the second I turned the laptop on...FORGOTTEN! lol
So this blog post will be RANDOM AS HELL! lol

All day I've been thinking about this morning. I woke up to the sound of my husband calling my name in this panicky, scared-as-hell voice. I dont quite remember the dream so I'm hoping that I was having one of those "almost out of dream into real life' moments.
It freaked me out so much that the SECOND I rolled over I grabbed my Blackberry & texted Mister to make sure He was okay. He wrote back and said He was alright but because I tend to have alot of dreams come true.........................
Do you ever have those deja vu type dreams? You don't realize it was real until it happens then you remember you've seen it before but you cant remember what's going to happen because now that you remember you brain seems to malfunction?
That's me.
I truly believe I have this faint sensitivity. I don't, and will never claim to be, psychic but alot of things that have happened in my life have happened after I've seen them in a dream. And I mean ALOT! I guess because I fear being looked at as crazy I don't say anything to anyone. I'll do subtle shit like refuse to go certain places at a certain time, or refuse to befriend someone I don't know. Stuff that might be looked at as 'antisocial' have always had a reason.....

I finallly watched the "new" Nightmare On Elm Street.
Thumbs down.
What I hate most is that it was released on my birthday (April 30) so I was uber excited to see it. It was gonna be a 'birthday gift' to myself to finally get to a theater and watch a movie I REALLY wanted to see.
But as life does without our consent, things came up and I was unable to go on my birthday. So, after that, I pretty much forgot about it and didn't care to catch it.
Tonight though, Mister put it on and I came downstairs 10 minutes into the movie. Because I had nothing else to watch and HATE to miss a 'good' movie, I spread out on the couch and watched it.
Any Nightmare fan knows that Freddy never had much to say except what was necessary. That was my number one piss off. Freddy talked TOO much!
Second, the acting sucked. There was too much dwelling into what happened to Freddy. I can'dt blame the directors because I guess for the new generation, the story of how Freddy came to be has to be explained. I just hate that there was a "search" for the story.
Maybe because I am a horror fanatic, I already knew what was going to happen before it happened. I LOVE horror movies. And I promise you, there is nothing out, cinematic wise, that has given me the chills and 'cant sleep nights' like the original horror movies.
Remember the original Exorcist? The first Nightmare on Elm Street with Mr. Englund? The first Friday the 13th?  The Omen? Rosemary's Baby?
Only movies that have come close to giving me the creeps is "Emily Rose"
and Paranormal Activity. Maybe because the two of them were based on true stories. I think true stories give me goosebumps most because I can only imagine what it would be like to experience that kind of demonic possession. Other than that...movies nowadays....THUMBS DOWN!
I look forward to someone coming out with a movie, not based on true facts, that give me the heeby jeebies!
Remember the times when you couldn't sleep if you even THOUGHT about a movie you watched?
What movies have creeped you into sleepness nights?
I long to find TRUE horror movie fans who can point me in the direction of great and worthy movies.

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