Jul 6, 2010

Another Tuesday

July 6.
Today was supposed to be the day that I hit the road to take my children to their grandparents' house to spend the remainder of the summer with them. Unfortunately, as life tends to do when you don't want it to, something came up. Another nine or ten days might seem long for them but it also means I don't have to let my babies go so soon. Selfish, yes, but I am a mother.
Independence Day started off pretty slow. The unbearable heat pretty much forbid me to be outside. There are very few things I have a tolerance for and being uncomfortably hot is on the top of my list. I had intended to make a nice quiet dinner for the family and then we would sit and watch the fireworks from our backyard (which, in my opinion, is one of the best views). Instead, a few friends and associates came by to celebrate with us. So a small dinner turned into a barbecue. I didn't mind because the night actually turned out pretty good.  Lost a few games of bowling on the Wii, had a few drinks (and for the first time in a long time, drank enough just to get a slight buzz, and not full out drunk), and slept like a baby after finally winding down at three-thirty in the morning.
The next morning, Mister made breakfast for the family. The temperature outside reached well over 100 so the girls didn't even think to want to be outside. Monday was pretty much a lazy day for everyone. We watched movies that we haven't pulled out of the DVD collection in years, some old, some new.  Penne pasta, collard greens, and garlic bread for dinner and then we all relaxed the rest of the night.
I, as most days, could not get to sleep. While Mister lay next to me deep in slumber and the girls tucked in their beds asleep, I watched movies until three-thirty in the morning. Again with the three-thirty, right? Splice was a decent movie. Alot like Species, but updated and a little more interesting. If you ever have 140 minutes to spare, check it out. Here's a still from the movie.

Well, here I am now, after only 4 hours of sleep, blogging. I've cleaned and eaten already. The girls are still asleep. I'll let them sleep as long as they like, although I'm sure my youngest will be awake before the older two. Today will be a day full of laundry, mine and the children's. I skipped a week so there's more than enough to last me the rest of the day.
I hate laundry.

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