Jun 18, 2010

School's Out For Summer

Well, it's finally here.
The last day of school for the children.
Of course, the kids are completely excited.
Summer means not having to wake up every day at the crack of dawn,no classwork, no homework, plenty of late nights watching movies and playing, sleepovers, beaches, and of course the yearly visit to their grandparents' house in North Carolina.
This year they're twice as excited to go because they know what's in store for them. Last year was the first year that all three of them went together. They had a blast. I started to feel a little hurt when every time I called, they all seemed too busy to talk to me and were anxious to get off the phone faster than I liked. lol But the time away was worth it. The husband and I were able to enjoy each other fully and freely.....and that's all I'll say about that. lol
This year has gone by so fast. Seems not that long ago, it was their first day back to class. Here we are nine months later and my oldest is headed to fourth grade and my second onto first grade. My youngest would be going to school when it resumes in September had she been born two months earlier. I really hate those cutoff dates. My oldest daughter, who was born on October sixth, had to wait a whole school year to start kindergarten because the cutoff date is October fourth! Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried to convince someone two days should not make that big of a deal, there was no compromise. So all three of my children have and will start school a year late for kindergarten. Oh well, such is life, I guess.

So, until we make that long drive down the east coast, I will enjoy the little bit of summer I have with my daughters before my mother and father get to have all the smiles and giggles of children to fill their house once again.
Summer. It's finally here......

*image: Summer Sun *

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