Aug 3, 2008

Another Year...Still Alive!

So you're probably thinking that the title is talking about!
Another year and I'm not featured on Snapped! yet. LMAO
I will admit this year so far has been very good to and for us. We are at a place in our relationship where we trust each other enough to not be worried about everyone else.
I dont think it was until a few weeks ago that He realized that I am in this for the long haul..that I'm serious about our marriage to point of no return. I've always told Him that I wont for over Him, but I'll damn sure fight for Him. Big or small, male or female. If it comes down to Him or someone else, that someone else may be in for a world of trouble. And no, I'm not the toughest female you'll ever meet, but I've never been scared of anyone. And even though I havent been in enough fights in my life for someone to say "Yeah, she will whoop the blood outta someone" I feel I dont have to. I only defend when I need to!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand, before I drift off to some experiences that probably dont need to be shared with random bloggers....
August ninth will mark the sixth year of marriage for Him and me. We have cried, we have yelled, we have laughed, we have learned. We are married. At times when we thought it was a done deal, we worked it out. Times when we felt our hearts couldnt take anymore, we perservered. Times when everyone was against us and using us, we had each other and came out better than we started.
Though there may be times I wonder what we're doing wrong, I NEVER doubt that we are right. He is who I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. I never doubt that.
He thinks what I think. Even at the oddest times we're on the same wavelength. The picture above is solid proof of that. We were at His squadron's Christmas party. We asked a friend of ours to take our picture. We couldnt see each other's faces and yet made the same face. lmao That day we knew....this is it! lol We are one!
He feels what I feel.
He loves what I love.
He knows what I know.
He is who I am.
He is everything I love...everything I want.
He is my heart.
He is my soul.
He is my everything.
We are in love.
We are loved.
We are love.

*whats crazy is He'll probably never read this because He's not into 'blogging like that' lol*

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