Jul 25, 2008

Sacred No More

It's becoming more apparent every day that people no longer respect the sanctity of marriage. Cheating, lying, disrespecting, early divorces. Does no one take the vows before God seriously anymore?
Marriage has become the way to 'fix' a problem. Got her pregnant? Marry her. Tax exemptions? Let's get married. Benefits? I'm going to marry him. Love seems to be the last reason two people think of. What happened to wanting to be with the person you feel is perfect for you, who you want to wake up to every morning, go through life changes with?
Then to top that off, there are those who aren't married but are constantly crossing that line with one who is married. Men and women alike lack the respect for a married couple. Especially those who 'target' the married ones. I've heard that "its more convenient to be with a married person because there is the understanding that all it will be is sex. It's so much better because when we tire of each other, she goes right back to her husband and I am not responsible for anything more that she may need." All I can say is wow. Really?
It is not that it isn't possible for people to fall in love anymore and marry each other for the right reasons. So I wonder is it because the men and women of today are so caught up in everything else that they don't have time for romance. Are they so worried about being independent, or thinking the next person is after something else, that they've given up on the idea of a happily ever after?
Is marriage now more a 'business proposition" that what it really is? Are the days of countless years of marriage past........

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