Aug 7, 2008


Ever have those dreams that wake you up out of your sleep sweating, crying, or screaming? A dream that seems so real it stays on your mind for days at a time?
I have those a lot lately.
Dreams of committing murder.
And not just to random people. People I love and people I know.
And not just a gunshot or a stab wound but vicious murder.
And never with any my dreams.
But I'll wake up crying and sweating, holding tight to my pillows.
What makes it worse is I believe that every dream tells us something. Whether it be something subconscious that we're not aware of, something to warn us about, or just a little hint of things to come, I honestly believe all of my dreams are worth paying attention to.
So that gets me to wondering: do I want the people in my dreams out of my life? Is their dying telling me that they should no longer be involved in my life? Does me killing them indicate how cruel and vicious I am or can be? Am I that evil? Maybe some built up frustration keeping me unhappy.
Either way, the dreams are scary..creepy. I refuse to believe that they are "just dreams", as I've been told. Silly dreams my be "just dreams" but the ones I've been having lately, and repeatedly, I believe are not.......
Are you a believer?

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