Sep 26, 2008

Eyes Shut Wide Open

So this is what sleepwalking feels like?
Every small noise seems to amplify in my ears, making me jumpy.
My eyelids are wide open, but they feel shut.
I can barely focus on the screen right now. And as much as I would love to lay
down on this couch and fall asleep, I cannot. My babygirl is wide awake.
We're watching Go Diego Go. *as cute as the cartoon is, Diego's voice is irritating me so very much right now. lol*
Besides that I have to stay awake because Eboni will be home from school in about 2 hours. If I were to shut my eyes for just a little bit to catch a short nap, I'd oversleep and miss her at the busstop. Her school will not let her off the bus without a parent to meet her there. So they'll take her all the way back to her school and call me to tell me to come pick her up. It's a safety thing. Great idea, but bad on gas. lol
So today when she gets in, we'll do the usual lunchtime and watch a short movie and then take naps.

Today, I will be taking a nap with them.
All week, I've been staying awake while they sleep, catching up on shows I've missed while I was in class.
I blame myself because I'll get out of class at 930p and come home and watch tv until 2 or 3 am, knowing I have to wake up at six to get the girls ready for school the next day. After I get them off to their buses, I come home and finish straightening up, while Erika eats breakfast and watches her morning shows. I'll do a load of laundry here and there, start on ideas for dinner. Before I know it, it's 4p and I have to start getting ready for school. I'm out the door by 515p and up on my feet until nine.
This all adds up to about 16 hours of sleep this week.
Not good at all....
I dont even have energy to get back on my workout regimen I started back in July.
So pitiful.
But on a good, no GREAT, note: I only have 22 days left of class until I graduate. How awesome is that? I've watched 4 of my classmates graduate in the last 3 months. Slowly dwindling down to new students. All of the 'originals' I started with as a freshman are making our way out the door.
I'm so excited. Not just to be graduating, but because I can get back to having more time with and for my kids during the week.
Never realize how much you miss until something gets thrown into your regularity....

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