May 14, 2008


Yes its almost a quarter to 4am and I am wide crackhead at a giveaway awake.
I decided to watch P.S. I Love You (starring Hilary Swank and Harry Connick Jr) because I'd seen the previews and was determnied to see it. It's been a long while since I've seen a movie that I could say is worth $9 a ticket at the theaters. It is a great love story that embodies all aspects of romance. If you have not seen it, SEE It!
I realized when it ended, after drying tears from my face, that deep down I am a sobby romantic. Although I am not the conventional "Say it with diamonds" commercial romantic I do love to love.
I like to be held and stared at with complete and undying adoration.
I like martinis and sunsets, walks through a beautiful park, hand in hand with Him.
I love the concept of love:
the sacrifice, the emotion, the giving, the receiving, the lovemaking, the Oneness with another, the happiness, the tears, the fear of losing but the unquestionable will to be lost, the butterflies, the tremble, the daydreaming, the loss for words even though they sit right on the tips of tongues, the kisses, the rapid heartbeat, the clammy face and hands, the first time jitters, the knowledge that THIS IS LOVE!
Yes! I love the concept. But I am the romantic who only needs the unexpected hug or simple I Love You. I don't need diamonds, expensive clothes, cars, shoes, or jewelry. I don't need roses and gifts.
But I do need love. Even when it feels lost, I need love.
When a single word is not said, I have love.
When I catch those little glances, I feel love.
When He holds me in those arms that make everything stand still, I know love.
When my body trembles from His kisses, I am loved.
He is loved.....because He loves me.
He is Love.
...PS: I love you, Isaac!
(C) Shontae Blocker

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