May 8, 2008

"Five Powerful Insights That Keep Me Sane"

This is an post from
I have just heard about his blog from a vlog on youtube (
I find it 'funny' that the first post I come across is not only truly inspiring to me but is also posted on my birthday. So you know I had to take heed.
As I read the lines on my screen through teary eyes, I realize that I have to love me to become the best me I strive to be.
*thank you bobby brown jr.*

April 30, 2008

5 Powerful Insights That Keep Me Sane

People always ask me how i keep my perspective on life even in the midst of chaos and most of the times i can't explain it. i've gone through some seriously scary shit throughout my 28 years on this earth but one thing that has always kept me grounded is the solid foundation started by my parents and the clear understanding that there is a higher power who dictates how things work in my life. additionally, i rely on a few powerful insights i've learned throughout the years that remain consistent anchors in my journey.

1. No matter what you do, you cannot control peoples thoughts or feelings. I hear people say all the time, "she's gonna think this if i do that or he's gonna think that if i say this" When you wrap your brain around the fact that you can't control what people are gonna think, then you stop living your life based on other people. I live my life without regard to other peoples thoughts and feelings. although it's a process that sometimes yields some challenging results, i can honestly say that overall it has worked to my benefit.

2. Sharing yourself and your experiences with others frees up the space for others the share themselves and their experiences with you. People ask me all the time why i don't mind sharing my life with other people. In fact, there have been times where i've shared too much and ended up wondering if i made the other person feel uncomfortable. What i've learned is that each time i share myself, people find strength within themselves to address things that they might not have had i not shared. the key to this as well as most of the insights is to detach from the results. NO EXPECTATIONS! Anytime i share i dont expect the person to say anything or feel a certain way.

3. In life every single thing happens for a reason. The key is to first GET the lesson and LEARN from it.
Oprah Winfrey says that god always sends lessons. sometimes the lessons come as little whispers and sometimes they come as thunderstorms because we didn't listen to the whispers. i've grown accustomed to getting the thunderstorm lessons because i have a few control issues and most of the time the whispers don't tell me enough. What i've learned (especially after the last storm) is that is not important for me to know the whole story. I'm taking a new approach and making a consicious effort to to listen to the whisper. I know in the long run this will save me a lot of unnecessary headache.

4. Excuses don't change the fact that whatever has happened actually happened.
This one is hard for a lot of people because we love excuses. We love to find reasons to justify why we didn't do what we said we were going to do or why something happened that we think shouldnt have. i notice people seem to get angry with me when i stop them in the middle of an excuse and tell them im not interested. I've found that its so much easier to take responsibility for whatever consequences that are associated with not being my word and moving on. People tend to respect me more and the time that could have been used to create an excuse is used to do something that adds to making me the best me i can be.

5. Learning to love me (Bobby Brown Jr) for everything that he is and everything that he isn't makes me a better human being.
I spent so much of my life hating myself and everything about me and i didnt realize that by doing that i was basically cursing God for his creation and lashing out at other folks for seeing this wonderful person He created. I had to learn how to accept me for me because if God wanted me to be different he would have made me different. Yes I'm a unique individual but that's what makes me special. Its the reason people come to me on a daily basis and tell me how much i inspire them to be different. its the reason i say what i feel like saying without regard for others opinions of me. and last but not least, its the reason i'm destined for great success but my creator wouldnt have it any other way. and besides if i cant love me for me, how can i expect anybody else to??

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