Apr 30, 2008

Today Wednesday 4/30

Today marks the end of my 28 years of existence and begins my 29th year. Funny how fast you get to 30 when you're too worried about reaching 18 so you can drive or vote, or smoke, and 21 so you can drink...legally. And before you know it you're wondering where all the time went. You start thinking about what you haven't done and what you want to do and just exactly how long you've got left to do it. Yeah time flies.
So this year I'm not doing anything special. Simply sit at home with a bottle or three of my favorite: Bacardi. But next year....WOOOO! Its on. Theme party and all. My golden birthday will be awesome. Ill take this year to prepare for the foolishness and awesomeness I have planned. Lol
Well that's it. Let me get to setting up my station/booth and get to doing some hair.
Not older.....Better!!!
*-*Queen Bacardi*-*

ps: RIP to emmanuelle lee young jr who lost his life this day.

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