Apr 25, 2008

29 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Me

I saw this on another blog and thought, " Hey, since I'll be 29 in less than a week, I'll do that too." So here goes.

  1. I am a big daddy's girl....and daddy's only girl.
  2. I'm claustrophobic. I think it started when I was younger and a friend's older brother locked me and his little sister in a very dark, very small closet.
  3. I have a very bad habit of biting my lips until they bleed when I'm nervous, upset, stressed, or unhappy.
  4. I love gory movies and documentaries. When I was younger I used to watch Faces of Death like a bad habit.
  5. I am always hot. It can be dead of winter and I'll be sweating, walking around in shorts and a thin tshirt.
  6. As much as I love chocolate, I can't eat it as often as I'd like to because my skin breaks out terribly. *thanks Daddy*
  7. Ventriloquist dolls freak me out. You know that movie Dead Silence? I prefer to watch it in the daytime and even then I dont exactly watch it...more like the movie watches me.
  8. I am a tomboy to the heart. I'd rather play video games and football than do the girly manicures and spas and dresses and such.....
  9. but I loooove stilletto heels!
  10. I want to bungee jump before I die. And if I cant do that, I want to do something very out of the ordinary.
  11. I hate the taste and smell of cheese, but I'll eat pizza, lasagna, and a cheeseburger. Put a slice of cheese on my ham sandwich though, and I'll punch you in the throat. lol
  12. I dont drink milk. I havent had a glass of milk since 5th grade when my father forced me to drink it with my lunch one afternoon. I gulped it down and went straight to the bathroom and threw up. *ugh* I hate milk!
  13. I hate sleeping on the edge of a bed. When I was younger, something grabbed me and pulled me under the bed. (of course I'm sure it was a dream but since then...)
  14. I have a weird fear of trolls...I blame this on the movies Troll and Troll 2. Just creepy.
  15. I used to write 3-6 poems a day.
  16. I have two poems on http://www.poetry.com/ that were chosen to be published.
  17. I am medically blind. No, really. If I take my contacts out, or my glasses off, I'd run into any and everything.
  18. Every year on my birthday I get slightly depressed (I'm working on that though).
  19. I love rock and roll.....so put another dime in the jukebox baby! lol
  20. I refuse to spend more than $30 on a pair of shoes, pants, or shirt....unless they're stillettos on sale from something expensive like $180
  21. I have alot of dreams that come true but I never tell anyone about them.
  22. I fear failing and being a disappointment to those I love.
  23. There are alot of times I dumb down. Sometimes I get tired of everyone thinking I know...
  24. I almost dropped out of high school because I got bored...but because of #22, I didnt.
  25. I crack my knuckles alot.
  26. I grind my teeth in my sleep.
  27. I love the smell of hand sanitizer. It started when I was pregnant with Eboni. I would constantly rub my hands with sanitizer just so I could get a whiff.
  28. I am addicted to YouTube, MySpace.
  29. I cant live without my BlackBerry Curver 8320. Every day I download a new theme so I can change the backgrounds and icons, and new ringtones. I'm constantly texting someone just so that I can hold my Blackberry in my hand. *sigh*

Well, that's it. Nothing exciting. I do know some of those were hard to come up with. Had to think what are some things that people who "know" dont know. lol How many did you not know or would never think? lol

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