Apr 25, 2008

One Of Those Days


It's my Friday!!!

Today is Thursday....well technically Friday since it's after midnight.

Anyway, student salon was busy as hell for the second day in a row. I think every student had a client. It was 80 today so on top of an air conditioner that doesnt blow much cool air, you have to add in 24 blowdryers, plus the hair dryers, 50 bodies of heat, and my hormones keeping me hot! MISERABLE! Thankfully, we have a fan that I keep blowing near my station/booth. It doesnt do much but it keeps me cool enough to keep me from passing out.

Okay, so tonight I'm in class. And I knew I was going to get a client because the front desk was swarming with people. My teacher comes over with my client ticket. It's a pedicure and manicure. Okay no problem. I know manicures and pedicures are my strong points. I give some hellafied peds and manis (and if you dont believe me, come find out). So I set up my manicuring table and get everything ready to go. I call my client over and I go to work. Nails - poof! Took us three times to get the right shade she wanted but whatever. Feet - Bam! I mean, scrubbing, masking, massage...I'm even doing extra buffing with my Obey Your Body products (not included with the Empire procedure). I do all this because I want my clients to love what I do as much as I do and to recommend me to their friends, family, whatever.
So I get done and I'm cleaning up as my client gets her things together. Now, students work for "free"...our pay is the credits we receive for the work we do, which are required for us to graduate. But most....no, some, clients like to leave us a tip. Sure, I expected a tip tonight. I mean, I was sitting on the floor buffing toes! Back hurt like hell, burning up and everything. I look around to my other classmates, who were also doing manicures and pedicures, as their clients pass them $10. Immediately I'm thinking if my client sees that, maybe she'll at least give me half of that, taking into consideration I put in work.......
Do you know she passed me two dollars!?!!? lmao But no, that's not the part that pissed me off. As she was passing me the money, folded about three times, she glances over at the other clients and smiles. I'm thinking HELL YEAH!!!!! SHE MUSTA PUT SOME GOODNESS IN MY HAND! I dont like to count the money when it's handed to me so I take it and say thank you and put it into my pocket just as fast as it's passed to me. After she leaves, I decide to pull the money out to go buy something to drink from the vending machines.....and I bust out laughing!
It may sound silly, but it pissed me off. And this is not the first time. Just yesterday, another client (whose hair I cut into layers and who claimed to "LOVE IT OH SO MUCH! ILL BE BACK TO GET MY HAIR DONE BY YOU AGAIN") left me a one dollar and two quarters! lol
I dont expect alot, and now I wont expect anything anymore, but I look at it like this. People come into the school to get damn near professional cuts and manicures and pedicures and waxes and sets, etc for next to nothing. A wash, cut, and style is only eight dollars! My client today only paid $23 for her treatment! I've heard some ladies come in and say they'd pay almost twice at much at a 'real' salon.
I say all of that to say this. I think it's only 'right' that if they can come in and get all of that done, and then claim to love it so much, then how should I feel when you only tip me two dollars? I begin to doubt that my 'art' is even worth more than what I'm tipped and it begins to discourage me a little bit. *shrug* I dont know. Maybe I'm just weird and sensitive. lol
I will say that my fellow classmates and I work very hard. We even buy our own products to use on clients (because more times than not, the school doesnt have the extra supplies). And sometimes we deserve more than a funky ass two dollar tip!

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