May 1, 2008

The Gift of Love & Friendship

Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to take credit for this article, I cannot.




The Gift of Love and Friendship

The Ultimate Gift in life is a combination of twelve gifts:










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a Dream


I wanted to touch on Love and Friendship this week, because it seems that, we place more value on these two out of any other gift in life.
I must admit, Love and Friendship have been two that I have struggled to learn. Because for me love was the intimacy with a man or the feeling that romance gave. Friendship was the enjoyment of a person’s company. Do I get along with him or her and vise versa. As I grow older, I realize that love and friendship are developed with time and they often go hand in hand.

The Gift of Love

Love can often be misunderstood with the feelings of enjoyment.

Sometimes when dating we think we love someone for what sort of job they obtain, or how great they are sexually, how attractive they are and even for the status quo. But love is more than the feeling that someone or something can ignite in you. It is the act of character. Love is a selfless expression of your will. We love our parents, so, when we are older, we thank them, or we spend time with them. We love our lovers, so, we show appreciation through simple acts of friendship, of being there, or giving them their favorite gift, cooking their favorite meal, etc. We love our friends so we lend a helping hand in a financial bind, cry on their shoulder with them when they’re hurt or just simply sit there in the dark with them when their lights are out. Love… is the definitive friendship.

The Gift of Friendship
Friendship was so difficult for me as a child because I assumed that if you liked me, you were my friend, or if you laughed with me, you were my friend, hell, even if you sat on the phone with me swapping stories for hours, you were my friend. Funny, but all too soon, I learned that friendship is the result of what love blooms. It is not the simplicity of compatible entertainment. It is the support of, the love of, the romance of, and the loyalty of another. Many of us do not realize that we don’t know how to be a friend until we are faced a decision of loyalty. Like love friendship requires the act of, not necessarily selfless expression, but devotion with a dash of sincerity. Friendship is love’s greatest origin.

So in life, go where the love is, and friendship will follow!!!!!

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