Aug 3, 2006

Fuck You!

Fuck you...and you....and you.

Fuck you for making me believe that you needed me.
Fuck you for making me think you believed in me.
Fuck you for trying to get at my best friend -
The minute I turned my back you were trying to get in.
Fuck you for telling me that you didn't know that one chick.
So how do you explain me catching her sucking your dick?
Fuck you for taking my money and using my car
But yet I wasn't supposed to call and ask where you are.
Fuck you for thinking the sex had me sprung
When the only thing you had going for you was the skill of your tongue.
Fuck you for cheating on me with that ugly sick bitch.
I'm glad you have to walk around with that genital itch.
Fuck you, and you, and you and yeah you
For telling me "Can't nobody love you, girl, like I do."
But it's okay, I'm alright, I moved on with my life
You just gave me the tools I needed to be a good wife.

1 comment:

Benson said...

it's so chilly
yall so cold.

i'm glad you moved on.

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