May 31, 2006

You Are....

You'll never really understand how much you mean to me. How I appreciate all the things you do for me.
As a husband you are the ultimate best,
And as a father you outdo all of the rest.
For your tenderness, you are loved more than before, which is why, if you've ever noticed, I sometimes grin for no reason. Stare at you endlessly, especially when you're sleeping. And on that one day when we bought our seed into this world, as I watched you stand strong, I knew I was a lucky girl. To have in my "possession" one of the best of the best, gives me a warm tingling feeling in the left side of my chest and all the more reason to keep living. Fore tolerating my stank attitudes and mood swings; for loving a child who loves you with all of her little heart; for accepting me and my flaws right from the start; for making me your wife, your lover, your friend; for sharing your secrets; for the wrongs we amend. For your unselfishness, your patience, your faith you put in me; for the hugs that I need and you give unexpectedly. For all the times you'd hold me while I cried and wouldn't let go until all my tears dried; for your understanding ways and ever-giving heart; for your smile, for your laugh, for your kisses, for your love. How could I ever think to ask for more when everything any girl could ask for is right in front of me? I love you with all of my being and I'm glad that you chose me. You are perfect in every way if you look through my eyes and I love you for that so you should never have to ask why. You are the epitome of everything I've ever wanted in a husband. The perfect lover, friend, and man who makes me happy with a simple touch. I've dedicated my life to be all of this to you. Though I struggle sometimes, I've got you to pull me through. Isaac Blocker, I love you.

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