Apr 25, 2006


Well, we were supposed to have an ultrasound done last Monday. But because of a bunch of BS, it was rescheduled to the 27th, this coming Thursday.
I'll be 12 weeks this Saturday. And so far it has been the most nauseating pregnancy I've ever had. I am sick every day just about all day. Feels like I'm starving and then the minute I eat something, it feels like I'm about to throw it back up. I've been trying to drink milk with the chocolate powder (because I dont drink plain white milk at all). And I eat enough greens and bread to feed a poor country. lol
Eboni seems to finally get the idea that there's a baby in my belly. She puts her head on my stomach and says, "baby in the belly?" and then she'll rub the bulge. So maybe she's starting to understand, even if just a little bit.
Emani is trying to remember that if it's a boy, we might name him Elijah. So she asks me every few days, "what's the baby's name again?" It's cute how anxious she is.
And daddy has quite the appetite. No longer a surprise to hear him downstairs in the cabinets or fridge and then a few seconds later the clinging of utensils against a bowl or plate. lol
Well that's about it for now. Just wanted to come in and update my blog.

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Christieluv said...

Im so happy for you:)

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