Mar 19, 2006

Crazy Dream I Had Last Night

::::It all started the day before. He jumped up out of his sleep and said, "I have to get home to my wife and get ready for work. You gonna be around later this afternoon?"
The next day, I asked him, "Do you remember what you said yesterday?" He looked at me and said, "no, what?"
I told him and laughed. "So where did you think you were?"
He gets up and walks out the bedroom. "Obviously I was sleeping when I said it. What are you gettin all upset about?"
I followed him. "Upset? I'm not upset. I know you were sleep."
I look up to my right and there she is. Dark skinned, dreads, in fatigues.
"Excuse me?" I ask. "What are you doing in my house?"
She begins to walk down the stairs, while looking back at me.
"Jealous, jealous, jealous." she says, and grins.
"You damn right!" I scream. "And I'll kill anyone who tests me, BITCH! Get the fukk outta my house!"

I turn around to walk back up to the bedroom.
I can hear her downstairs, "Oh, hell no. She did NOT just call me a bitch!!!"
I hear him say, "Girl come on. You dont wanna fukk with her."
Footsteps on my stairs.
"She dont know me. I'll kick her ass!"

Footsteps at my bedroom door.
I reach into the pocket of my coat hanging in my closet.
She opens the door to my room.
I turn around.
Nothing but red.::::
I reach over and grab him. Kiss him on the neck.

I love that man to death.

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