Mar 18, 2006

Baby Countdown

Guess What? As of today I am 6 weeks pregnant! Out of nowhere, right? lol I know. Maybe this time we'll finally get a boy. Either way, boy or girl, I'm getting my tubes tied so this will be the last one for us. Emani is SO excited. Every other sentence from her is something like, "Oh mommy, I think your belly is getting bigger already." or "I think the baby is getting bigger and bigger." I keep telling her she has to wait until after she turns 6 and it's almost Thanksgiving to see her little brother. Of course, she doesnt quite understand how long that is but she nods and says okay. Obviously, Eboni doesnt know what all the buzz is about and I dont think she will get a clue until my belly is really big and/or the baby gets here. She has become extremely clingy lately though. You know the old wives' tale that if it's a boy, baby girls seem to be closer to you" or something like that.
Since I quit smoking last year, the only thing I had to do was quit drinking. It sucks because I love to drink some good wine. But as soon as I took the test and figured I could be pregnant, I havent had a drink. So, I have at least 14 months before I can have a glass of wine again.
So make sure to check back every once in a while as I'll be posting different things throughout the pregnancy.
And if you have any ideas for boys' names that begin with E...let me know. So far, me and Tre have agreed on Elijah DeSheon (pronounced DeShawn) Blocker. But I would love to hear any other suggestions.
Until the next post.......

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GeeGee said...

Congradulations!!!!!!! Hope Everything works out the way God intends!!!

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