Feb 27, 2006


Today is Monday. I hate Mondays. No other day drags by like a Monday.
Then on top of that, it's FREEZING! It was 19' this morning when I took Emani to her busstop...9' when the wind blew. My poor babies were so cold. I dread going back out to get her in about half an hour.
This weekend was actually fun. We went bowling with some friends. I bowled pretty decent. Think I need to work on an actual form, though. We played teams. Me and Tre against Leo and his wife, Lei. We lost....bad....but it was fun. Emani got to bowl with some friends. She was so happy and excited to be throwing the ball down the lane. And I do mean THROW! lol
Then later that night we went to Leo's to watch the Vargas vs. Mosley boxing fight.
For those who havent seen it, I wont give it away. You'll just have to see for yourself.
The weekend before that, me and a few other girls went to an all male revue. I had SOOO much fun. Came home drunk as all get out. lol But I loved it. And then this Wednesday a few of us are going to a little club here on base for ladies night.
It's almost March ALREADY! The year just started and we're almost half way through it. Before we know it, Christmas will be back again and another new year will be upon us.
Time is flying. Don't waste it!

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