Feb 24, 2006

Good News

Hey you.
I think I need to posting in here more often than Iusually do. Might help me get some emotional shit out that I've been keeping bottled up.
Good: I finally got in touch with an old friend of mine. Nicolle. She was my first best friend when I moved to NC. My next door neighbor. We spent just about every waking hour together ....when we werent fighting. It's so good to hear from her and see pictures of her. Even though she's a grown woman now, she still looks like the Nicolle I remember. That's crazy, right? I dont think she has any idea, not even the slightest to how much I've thought about how she was doing, where she was, what she was doing...You know you only get one REAL BEST FRIEND your WHOLE life and I honestly believe she was that friend for me.
When we were younger we were damn near inseparable. We had a crush on the same guy (Georgie). We loved to play kickball. And playing with Barbies was OUR shit. lol We had the latest and best of Barbie. She reminded me in a message earlier how we'd get a new barbie (after fighting with each other) and then be like: "I got a new barbie. Wanna be my friend again?" lol God, if I could go back to those simpler days when all we had worry about was each other....maaaaaaan. *smh*
And then I think back to how my cousin used to have a crush on her. They both had birthdays in October..only 7 days apart. And I think how I used to crush on her brother....OMG...he was soooo cute. **wonder how he's doing*** And I think about how cute her little sister was, and how I would like to think she was my little sister too. (She was the cutest little girl.)
Fayetteville North Carolina! Foxfire! Ponderosa Elementary! Westover Junior High. Walking to school. Fighting one minute and then loving each other the next. Barbecues in the backyard/under the patio. Tag The Man. lmao Kickball..."who's gonna go chase the ball all the way down the court?" Riding our bikes down my driveway (we had the steepest hill in Cactus Court). Sleepovers. And only she will remember that time her brother fell off the top bunk of my brother's bunk bed and put a dent in the floor! LMAO Barefoot races to the stop sign. Playing "hockey" with pine cones (using the gutter as a goal).lmao Singing "superwoman" on tape and showing off to our parents like we could actually sing. Being left out when Georgie and Mikel didnt want us around. Watching wrestling! Playing Nintendo. Learning the words to LL Cool J's "I Need Love"...ctfu
*fighting the tears* God, what I would give to have just a week from those days.

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